DUI Hit-And-Run-Case

DUI of Marijuana in a Hit-And-Run-Case

As of the 2016 general elections, the use and consumption of marijuana has become legal in some states or earned looser restrictions in other places. In the years following, the substance where consumption is still very much illegal in some states, has developed a more relaxed cultural view especially as many business that sell it under their respective states’ regulations have turned an honest profit either with the plant itself or the sale of processed CBD oil products (a byproduct of the plant. The attached sales tax for the sale of marijuana in the states that have them have benefitted the local governments as well.

But it seems that while legality of the substance manages to take a few steps forward every now and then it’ll take a few steps back. While people aren’t doubting the financial appeal of legalizing it, there are still many doubts of its practical appeal, that is the very strong odor (stronger than cigarette smoke and significantly more clinging to objects) as well as its mental impairment effects, no different than alcohol. Both are incredibly unattractive and invasive to the general non-consuming public, the latter also presenting itself in a recent car accident.

In Massachusetts, police reports of a teen driving a Chevrolet Silverado truck. While driving down Washington Avenue the teen hit the pedestrians walking along it, after which, the adolescent left the car and fled the incident.

It was found that the teen did not have a license to drive at the time of the collision as the license was suspended after a junior operator speed offense. Also, the teen failed to complete the required classes and thus the license had since remained inactive.

The victims had entered hospitalization and recently had an all-day surgery. Though one of the victims remains in the intensive care unit, the family of the victim says she has turned a corner, now being able to be off the ventilator.

Police said that the teen who injured the victims was under the influence of marijuana at the time of the crash and the adolescent has since been arraigned in juvenile court. He faces charges of leaving the scene of personal injury, leaving the scene of property damage, two counts of operating under the influence of drugs causing serious bodily injury, operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license and failure to stop.

Given the nature of the case, there’s a possibility that the resulting personal injury case could be used as reference for those who wish to deter legalization legislation.

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