Finding the Right Attorney to Represent Your Fight for Alimony

Those who are undergoing the turbulence of an alimony case often turn to the skills of an alimony attorney to represent their case. A good attorney will work relentlessly for your peace of mind and ability to have a stable, yet enjoyable future. Your wellness and ability to move forward, along with fair compensation, will be their top priority.

10 Terms for Awarding Alimony

1. Determined based on the length of marriage

2. The reasonable needs of each person

3. The quality of living during the marriage

4. Amount of each person’s income per year

5. Liabilities and financial assets

6. The health status and age of each spouse

7. The ability of each spouse to support oneself

8. If domestic violence is a variable

9. The contribution of both spouses in domestic duties

10. The contribution of both spouses to the furthering of education or training

What Can an Alimony Lawyer Do for Me?

Also commonly known as a “spousal support lawyer,” your attorney can provide representation during the negotiation process of your alimony amount, or if you are attempting to predetermine the rate. An attorney may work alongside you during the lawsuit if your spouse does not pay the decided amount.

What Can I Expect During the Process?

An attorney familiar with alimony cases may be able to award you a settlement you are more than happy with, whether you are the spouse paying or receiving the amount due. An attorney can also go over how to deal with a prenuptial agreement if you signed one prior to marriage. At times the litigation may become emotional with one or both spouses refusing to agree on a solution. A family lawyer can use legal strategies to get the ball rolling and arrive at a resolution that each spouse can accept.

Do I Need an Attorney for My Alimony Case?

An attorney may be beneficial and at times necessary during the divorce proceedings. He or she can assist with the initial claim, filling out documentation, organizing all necessary paperwork, and communicating with your spouse if you are not comfortable doing so. Having an alimony attorney assist can make things move more smoothly and with the least amount of stress possible. It is worth the time to find a lawyer you are confident with to represent you.

How Much Do Alimony Lawyers Charge?

Every attorney may be different, but many law firms will offer a free consultation so you can get to know your lawyer and feel more comfortable having your case in his or her hands.