How Federal Employee Lawyers Can Help You

Federal employees have many rights under the law different than those of typical employees in this country. Federal employees are specifically protected from reporting waste, fraud, and abuse. Due to these types of protections for federal employees, if you have been discriminated against, a good lawyer, like a discrimination litigation lawyer from Eric Siegel Law, can help get your career back on track.

Federal Employee Discrimination 

Common types of federal employee discrimination include:

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Retaliation for speaking out against waste, fraud, or abuse

A skilled team of lawyers can help you get past this period in your life. You have done nothing wrong by speaking up and being who you are. The discrimination, bias, and retaliation you may be facing right now are not warranted, and you deserve to have a lawyer who will fight to protect your rights. 

If you have spoken up against waste, fraud, or abuse in relation to your role in the federal government, and you are facing retaliation, you can receive compensation for your distress. A lawyer can help you secure a different role in another department or even help move the bad people out of your department. Most of all, a good attorney can help you feel comfortable at work again.

If you have been terminated because of your decision to speak out against waste, fraud, or abuse, an attorney can help you get your job back. That’s right – reinstatement is an option, if you want it. Some people won’t want to go back out of fear of additional retaliation or embarrassment, but remember, you’ve done nothing wrong. You deserve to be compensated for your challenges and that can include getting your job back.

You Have Rights

You may be thinking that since you’ve lost your job or since you’ve spoken up against waste, fraud, or abuse that you now deserve the treatment you’re receiving in the workplace. You’re wrong. You don’t deserve any of this. What you do deserve is a team of skilled lawyers who will fight to protect your rights. 

You do not have to be subjected to harassment or a retaliatory environment at work. If you’re experiencing this type of workplace environment, you should contact a lawyer immediately. No one should be subjected to this type of daily routine and an attorney can help you.

Contact an Attorney Today

You deserve to feel comfortable at work, to enjoy what you do, and to work in a place free of harassment and retaliation. The federal government needs its employees to help police itself. It’s too large and it requires honest and ethical people just like you. When you’re dissuaded from speaking up against bad actors, the whole system fails. Contact a lawyer today to get the representation that you deserve.