How Long Does Chiropractic Therapy and Injury Recovery Take

No injury is ever alike. Two people can experience similar collisions, but the trauma experienced is unique to each. Understanding the individuality of injuries is one of the hardest things to explain from a layman’s perspective. People often assume that treatments that worked for a friend with a similar injury should work the same for them, but there are variables that make such assumptions incorrect.

The same can be said for chiropractic treatments from an experienced chiropractor, like from Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic. While there are standards of care and average treatment times, there is no telling how you, specifically, will react or how long the process will take until a doctor of chiropractic medicine can examine you. With that said, it is possible to examine the averages, allowing you to make a few assumptions.

Time To Relief

On average, about 30% of chiropractic patients express experiencing some relief following their first visit; 60% say it took a few weeks of multiple visits per week, typically three appointments per week.

The amount of relief a person experiences depends on their injury. Sudden injuries that receive immediate treatment may not take long to show signs of improvement. However, when an injury is left to fester over months or years, treatment can take longer, with patients only experiencing minor improvement initially.

Doctors of chiropractic explain that therapy is a compounding practice, meaning that the more a patient participates or receives treatment, the more value they get from it. Therefore, do not give up on treatment if you do not experience relief after the first appointment, the majority of patients do not.

Typical Treatment Plan

On average, a chiropractor will create a treatment plan that extends anywhere from four to six weeks of multiple sessions. The plan will eventually calm down to one visit per week or less.

It is crucial that you complete the treatment process. If you do not, injuries might reemerge, losing any progress you might have made. Too many patients look at chiropractic therapy as optional because of false stereotypes that surround the practice. Truthfully, chiropractic care is a necessary practice that helps patients maintain mobility and flexibility as they age.

While a single chiropractic visit will not resolve all of your issues or heal an injury, it can begin the healing process. Do not underestimate the value of chiropractic therapy, and do not assume that your treatment will be identical to someone else’s. Everyone is unique, in body and injury. Contact a local chiropractor to schedule an assessment.