Personal Injury Case Value

When you were injured due to another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. The main question that plaintiffs have when it comes to personal injury lawsuits is how much is their case worth? Everyone’s case is different. Several factors will contribute to the value of your case. Here are three major factors in determining case value.

Injury Severity

The severity of your injuries is one of the biggest factors that play into the case. After all, the value of your case depends on the costs of your medical bills. You also have to consider any future treatment costs. If the injuries forced you out of work or made you take time off, you can also sue for any lost wages that took place in that time frame.

Liability Certainty

You have to be sure that the other person or institution is liable for your injuries. Personal injury law hinges on the fact that someone else was at fault. Is the defendant liable for your injuries? In some instances, the case may be very clear. In more complex instances, however, it may be difficult to determine who was at fault or if the other party is responsible. The more certain you are of liability and the more evidence you have, the more likely you are to receive a high settlement. If you cannot prove liability or if you have a weak case, there is a chance you would have to settle for a lesser settlement. Your lawyer can help you weigh out the risks of going to trial when you do not have a strong liability case.

Litigation Costs

Before you hire your lawyer, the two of you will discuss the costs associated with litigation. Personal injury lawyers normally receive a contingency fee. This is a percentage of your settlement at the end of the case. Some lawyers will also require you to pay any fees at the end. These fees might include clerical work or deposing witnesses.

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to the value of your case. To receive the best possible settlement, you should discuss your case with a lawyer, today. He or she can provide you with an idea of how much your settlement is worth. Set up a consultation as soon as possible to find out how to pursue damages and how much your case is worth.