3 Reasons Why Bike Accidents Are On The Rise

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Even though bicycling is a wonderful way to get around town, exercise, and check out the views, bicyclists face numerous risks when they venture out. Having to share the road with vehicles means that there is always the chance of being struck, and there are so many other potential dangers that they have to be aware of at all times. In the past several years, there has been a rise in the number of bike accidents that occur. There are many reasons why this could be happening. 

More drivers are distracted due to cell phones.
Perhaps now more than ever, people are glued to their technological devices. In fact, most of us have our cell phone in our pocket or bag at all times. Rarely is there a moment when we are disconnected from technology, especially considering that we use it to communicate, send emails, do business, play games, and take pictures. However, despite how useful these gadgets can be, they should not be used when driving a vehicle. All it takes is a second or two of someone’s eyes off the road to not see a bicyclist coming and accidentally hit them. 

More people are stressed than ever before.

With the state of the nation and globe, it’s no wonder people are stressed. We are bombarded with bad news on a regular basis, have to work demanding jobs to make ends meet, and often have more than enough things to get done on any given day. When we are under pressure, our mind can get distracted thinking about our worries and to-do lists, and we aren’t as mentally focused on the road when driving. The stress that comes along with life can make us tired and more prone to making mistakes since we are not focused on the present moment. 

Traffic and road conditions can make it worse.
As a bicyclist, you have to watch out for many types of dangers. You may encounter reckless drivers and road conditions such as potholes, street cracks, or construction. There are many elements that are unfolding at the same time that you have to pay attention to and be ready to swerve out of the way if needed. If there is too much traffic on the road, then it means there are even more drivers who could cause an accident because they are not paying attention or are too aggressively trying to maneuver through frustrating traffic. 

Bicyclists should be able to go about their day on two wheels with no issues. As a bicycle accident attorney explains, drivers may cause an accident because they are stressed, distracted, tired, exhibiting road rage, using their phone, or something else. Bicyclists can take precautions to enhance their safety, but ultimately, it’s car drivers who are often at-fault because they didn’t see a bicyclist coming. Those who have been injured in a bike crash may get help from a legal team, to find out if they are eligible for compensation and know what their options are moving forward.