Safety Tips For Prevent School Bus Accidents

It is always important to review simple safety tips before sending your child to school on a bus. Walking to or from school, riding bikes, or riding the bus increases your child’s risk of suffering potentially serious accidents and personal injuries. The following are tips that can help you keep them safe.

Safety Tips for School Children Who Ride the Bus

While parents often worry about putting their children on a school bus, it remains one of the safest forms of transportation. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), crashes and collisions are far more likely to occur when a parent is driving their child to school. However, buses do pose some potential hazards, the biggest of which involves loading and unloading. To prevent injuries, encourage your child to follow these tips:

  • Wait in an orderly fashion at the bus stop.
  • Stand at least three giant steps back from the curb.
  • Wait for the bus driver to signal before attempting to board.
  • Stay seated during the trip.
  • On the way home, wait for the bus to stop completely before leaving your seat.
  • Use handrails when getting off and avoid pushing.
  • Wait for the crossing guard or for the driver to signal before attempting to cross the street.

For Children Who Ride a Bike to School

Riding a bike can be a fast, fun way for your child to get to school. However, be aware that the times they are traveling are some of the busiest in terms of work commuters. To protect them, take the following steps:

  • Make sure their bike is properly maintained and has head and tail lights, as well as reflectors.
  • Make sure your child wears bright, light colors to increase visibility, particularly on dark or foggy days.
  • Make sure they are aware of basic traffic rules, such as the requirement to ride in a single file and with traffic.
  • Insist that they wear a helmet and other protective gear.

Protecting Children Who Walk to School

Pedestrian accidents are common, and children who walk to school are among those most at risk. To protect them, make sure they follow these tips from the National Safety Council:

  • Stay on sidewalks whenever possible.
  • Cross only at designated intersections.
  • Wait for the crossing guard to signal at crosswalks.
  • Pay attention when crossing driveways or parking lot entrances.
  • Avoid wearing earbuds, which can muffle warning signs such as honking horns or screeching tires. 

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