Steps to Do Following a Motorcycle Crash

Any collision may leave you reeling, but one involving your motorcycle may leave you much worse off. A motorcycle crash is always more severe, and as such, understanding what you should do following one is beneficial. Should you find yourself in a collision while traversing the roads on your motorcycle, keep these tips in mind to help save you time and ease your stress.

Assess Your Injuries

After the wreck, you need to take a few moments to figure out where you are injured. Even with all the safety precautions you take, you may have suffered some damage to your body. The more brutal the crash, the more likely you have serious injuries that may make it necessary to seek medical emergency care immediately. Even if you can move about freely after a crash, you should go and get checked out after the scene is cleared. Call the police and alert them to the vehicles involved. In some cases, they will automatically dispatch paramedics to do a cursory exam of your physical status.

Snap Some Photos

Assuming you are fortunate enough to move about freely after a motorcycle crash, you will want to take a few pictures. It may become relevant to the insurance company to see where your bike came to rest versus the other vehicle involved. If the scene is safe, get some photographs before proceeding.

Move the Motorcycle

Once you document the scene, you will want to try and relocate your bike to a safer area. There can be subsequent crashes after a motorcycle collision due to a vehicle’s difficulty in seeing the bike down in the road.

Contact Your Insurance Company

After clearing the scene, make a phone call to your insurer. Aside from the events leading up to the crash, you will want to provide them with:

  • The location of the crash
  • The other driver’s insurance information
  • Your physical state
  • Contact info for witnesses
  • Police report number

Be prepared for the other driver’s insurance company to reach out to you shortly after the crash. They need to conduct their own investigation to determine the level of liability their driver holds. Before you speak to them, you may want to engage the advice of an attorney.

It always gets tricky when the other driver’s insurance company wants to question you. When another vehicle is the cause of your crash, be mindful that their insurer is trying to minimize their financial impact. If you were in a motorcycle accident, then contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, to discuss your case. Do not worry about the potential cost because most personal injury lawyers work on contingency.