How to Know If You Have a Personal Injury Case

While most people understand that if another person causes their injuries, odds are they can be sued and held accountable for those injuries. If you were a victim of someone’s negligence, there is a chance that you have a personal injury case. Here is what you should know about personal injury law.

Do You Have a Personal Injury Case?

Before you go to a lawyer, it helps to know the basics of a personal injury case. Personal injury cases involve the negligent action or inaction of one party. This action or inaction causes an injury or damages. For instance, if a vehicle doesn’t stop at the red light and collides with the side of your vehicle, then he or she was negligent. If you suffered broken bones, a traumatic brain injury or any other injury, then the other driver may be responsible for your medical bills.

Are the Damages High Enough?

Lawyers will weigh out the pros and cons of bringing a case to trial. If a client suffers minimal injuries and has few doctor bills, the lawyer may suggest that filing a lawsuit is a bad idea. Some cases are not worth the fight. You do not want to spend more money on a lawsuit than you would receive in the settlement.

There are situations where you may want to file a claim, regardless of the settlement you expect to receive in return. When an individual or institution is guilty of gross negligence, you may file a lawsuit based on principle. Some attorneys are willing to hold people accountable for their actions. These cases may also provide punitive damages if you live in a state where punitive damages are allowed. Punitive damages are extra monetary damage that a judge can add when a defendant is guilty of gross negligence.

Gross negligence is when a person goes above carelessness. For instance, if a gym teacher instructs his injured student to wait until the end of class to see the doctor and the injury becomes a lot worse, this might be considered gross negligence. Drunk driving may also be seen as gross negligence to some courts.

If you were a victim of someone’s negligence and suffered a serious injury, you may have a personal injury case. If you are struggling to pay medical bills or damages, then your case is probably big enough for a lawyer to take. Most lawyers offer free consultations. Contact a personal injury lawyer in Sebastian, FL, like from Tuttle Law, as soon as possible for information on your case.