When a Workers’ Comp Lawyer Can Help

Did you know there are 2.8 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses in the United States every year? That means that about 3 percent of American workers will suffer an injury or illness at the workplace that will cause them to miss at least one day of work.

Of course, not every injured worker will have to hire an attorney. However, if you or a loved one experience a serious injury, you’ll want to be sure that your medical costs and potential lost work-time costs are covered. In almost all instances and in nearly every state, employers are required under state law to purchase workers’ compensation insurance that covers their employees’ work-related injuries.

Nevertheless, if a dispute occurs between you and your employer’s insurance company over how much and how many expenses should be covered, you may want an experienced attorney to represent you and your interests. Such disputes may require you to collect evidence in order to challenge the insurance company’s position. This could include taking depositions, requesting an independent medical exam, and hiring expert witnesses – all of which require a certain level of legal expertise and skills.

Here are a few examples of how a workers’ comp attorney could help:

When Your Claim is Denied. Insurance firms reject workers’ comp claims for a variety of reasons. If you choose to appeal, you’ll likely have to submit all kinds of paperwork, gather evidence, and present your arguments at a hearing.

Preexisting Conditions. If you have a preexisting injury/condition involving the same body part that you injured, you can expect the insurance company to blame your injury on your previous condition. Experienced workers’ comp attorneys know how to challenge these decisions.

Getting Faster Medical Treatment. Insurance companies may deny or delay approval of expensive medical treatments that you need, such as surgery. A lawyer can apply pressure to convince the insurance company to approve medical treatments more quickly.

Future Work. If you are not able to work again, you’ll need to restructure your workers’ comp benefits. If you’re forced to change careers, you’ll need to get new training. A lawyer can help you do both.

Workers’ comp hearings. If the insurance company won’t settle with you, you’ll likely have to state your case at a hearing. Attorneys can be extremely helpful in preparing you for such hearings.There are many issues to consider with regard to resolving work-related injuries with your employer’s insurance company, as a Workers Comp Lawyer in Buffalo, NY from a law firm like Hurwitz, Whitcher & Molloy, Attorneys at Law, can explain